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I want a story about a gay girl disguising herself as a guy to get into an all boy school. When she meets her roommate, he happens to have a banging personality and a very pleasing face. The girl has a sexuality crisis because she starts to fall for the roommate but in reality, the roommate is actually another girl disguised as a guy so that she can attend the school

#the entire school is just gay girls dressed as guys in hopes of attending the school (via buttergin)


"But, like, do what you need. I know that any decent human being, even some non-decent ones, would at least have a question for you when askied to borrow illegal surveillance materials to spy on someone, but you came to the right pedophile. Take what you need, spy all you like, but just remember, if you get caught, you got this from one of the other pedophiles in this town who spy on people. There are literally hundreds of us, so take your pick for naming names."


circumhorizontal arcs photographed by david england, andy cripe, del zane, todd sackmann and brandon rios. this atmospheric phenomenon, otherwise known as a fire rainbow, is created when light from a sun that is at least 58 degrees above the horizon passes through the hexagonal ice crystals that form cirrus clouds which, because of quick cloud formation, have become horizontally aligned. (see also: previous cloud posts)

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